Our Staff


Rehab Technician

My contribution to Oswego Animal Rehabilitation is being a helper in every aspect of treatment; from running the underwater treadmill to helping dogs exercise and supporting Dr. Shannon in her exams and hands on care. I’m one of the assistants that you will meet at your consult and who will be working with your animals at every appointment.

My love of physiotherapy started early with horses. My dad, being a farrier, always taught me how important good feet and gait were for a happy, healthy horse, and I loved being by his side as he shod horses. From this, I learned that the same holds true for dogs and cats. In this, my prior experience has been a great asset for Oswego Animal Physiotherapy and Rehab in helping both dogs and cats maintain their gaits as well as helping them be able to go on to be stronger and more capable at home.

Education/Training: Oregon State University, BS in Animal Sciences

Hobbies/Pets/Family: I love to do anything outdoors. Riding horses, raising/training puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind, reading, and watching movies are just some of the activities I do in my free time. I currently live with 2 dogs and 2 cats; Clyde and Maylita and Smudge Splash Dog and Jarvis, 3 horses and an assortment of goats, chickens, llamas and a pig.




Rehab Assistant

Along with our other animal caretakers, my job is to ensure that your pet feels at home during their boarding stay. I like to go the extra mile– literally– to make our guests’ stays enjoyable! I love taking our boarders for walks to Waluga Park and the surrounding neighborhoods for some fresh air and exercise, snapping photos of the dogs out enjoying their walks.

Although I am new to Parkway Veterinary Hospital, I’m not new to caring for boarding pets, having worked in pet care since 2003 at a couple of different Hillsboro-area boarding facilities. I love getting to meet people’s pets! It’s especially rewarding to me to see the transformation that can happen when shy dogs or cats begin to really trust their new caretakers; I love seeing them reveal their personalities more and more as they become more comfortable in their surroundings.

Outside of work, I love to get out on the trails to hike with my 2-year-old German Shepherd Dog, Ivan. We hike almost every weekend, rain or shine. I love living in the Pacific Northwest! Ivan and I have a great time exploring the coast, the mountains, and the Gorge.

My boyfriend and I share our home with Ivan as well as our senior GSDs, 13-year-old Freya and 14-year-old Ribby. We also have 2 mischievous cats: Keegan, a 13-year old short-haired, odd-eyed boy, and Crunch, an especially rambunctious 4-year old fluffy black girl.

When I joined PVH, I was impressed by the beauty and simplicity of their mission statement: supporting the human-animal bond. I love seeing that idea reflected over and over in all of the staff here in different ways according to their training and experience.